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Inspired by Construction is a division of the company that provides a service that captivates our clients and delivers high-end projects that exceed client expectations. We are creative and not afraid to take a risk when it feels right. As a result, we are designers, builders, project managers, curators, and anything else we need to be for the project to turn your idea into a reality. We have specialists in each of the fields that we offer within our construction umbrella. This allows us to run projects smoothly and effectively. Our staff’s years of experience and skill level also allow us to keep the quality standard high.

We offer full turnkey solutions to meet any building and construction needs from new builds to renovations, painting, waterproofing, damp proofing, roofing, pergola structures, flooring, glass and aluminium doors/windows, ceilings and partitions. We are able to meet the needs of any client in any sector from residential to commercial and industrial.

Our years of experience in completing thousands of jobs with in our construction umbrella gives us full confidence in our ability to meet our clients needs and expectations. We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box and leave clients with a finished product that is of the highest quality and really speaks on our innovative eye to turn a client’s idea in to a reality that not only exceeds the set expectations but leaves an inspired impression of quality and outstanding craftsmanship.

New Builds

We are able to take a client’s idea whether it be a completely new build or an add on to an existing building such as extending patios as well as closing it off, adding on bathrooms/bedrooms and entertainment areas are just a hand full of things that we can assist with. We pride ourselves in providing a touch and feel to projects that not only meet the clients’ expectations but showcase our level of proficiency within the construction and interior industry. We have highly skilled building contractors that have years of experience in the building industry and thus are able to meet and exceed any design and size specifications that the client may have. We are able to prefect any look that you may be looking for on both the interior and exterior of the new build.  All our building contractors are highly proficient in all the aspects that consist of carrying out a new build such as laying foundations, brick laying, plastering, roofing, flooring, door and window installations as well as painting on both interior and exterior walls. All of these aspects have a range of different styles, sizes and colour schemes that can be utilised to make your new build idea a reality.

Taking existing spaces and totally transforming it into the something new, fresh and exciting. All within the parameters of the client’s needs and requirements. Our creativity and years of experience helps us to see things differently and give clients the best advice/strategy on carrying out their idea. We also have a highly skilled staff that have carried out countless jobs so they are very proficient in delivering quality every single time.  We offer the following types of  building renovations; home renovations, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, patio/balcony renovations, bedroom renovations, and the renovations of entertainment rooms or areas. We can also assist with any custom renovations that the client may be looking for on request. The building team are able to ensure that any type of renovation that is carried out is done to the specs, design and style the client is looking for.

 All aspects involved with the renovation are done with an inspired twist to give all our clients projects an x factor that will bring life to the new space/renovated area whether it be a new room or an add on to an existing room. These aspects include things such as laying foundations, brick laying, plastering, roofing, flooring, door and window installations as well as painting on both exterior and interior walls. We are able to take the clients ideas and give input on the size, shape, style and colour scheme of materials based on the client’s budget to bring an even better idea of their expectations to life.

Building Renovations

Home Renovations

Our building team are able to turn your home renovation ideas into a reality. Let our building team bring new life to your exisiting home/property with a full turnkey home renovation solution. The building and interior team are highly qualified, experienced and have all the neccessary skills, expertise and knowledge  to give your home an entire new look and feel that is classy, elegant and speaks to the your renovation requirements. Get that beautiful home renovation done that you have always wanted to have. No need to look any further. Lets turn that dream home idea into a reality. No matter what the clients size, style and shape specifications are we are able to deliver the polished finished look that they are seeking. 


Changing the environment look, feel and presence of a building, room, or space by giving it a new look with different choices and varieties of colour schemes. Again, our painting contractors are able to give you advice on colour schemes that will work best to deliver that finished product that you have in your head. When it comes to painting our group of highly skilled painters are able to provide our clients with a range of different styles and options to choose from based on their needs. Our team of painters are highly proficient in all types of painting from roof painting to painting walls (interior and exterior), celling painting, as well as the painting of window frames and doors.

Providing effective and efficient measures that are able to protect areas of your building/property from water and damp issues. The materials and labour are of a high quality which allows us to have absolute confidence in installing a product that will actually solve the problem and serve its purpose. The waterproofing and damp proofing contractors have years of experience in dealing with a range of different water and damp issues and thus are able to solve any water and damp issues you may have. The water proofing and damp proofing team have done countless jobs on different styles and types of roofs and walls which has allowed us to learn what methods and materials will be the most effective to solve the water/damp issue at hand.

Waterproofing & Damp Proofing


We are able to provide roofing for all your given needs from roof repairs all the way through to roof maintenance and roof installations. We are also able to provide all different types of roofing options such as tiles, concrete, corrugated and slate. Our roofing contactors have carried out thousands of installations, maintenance and repair jobs for our clients and they possess all the necessary skills as well as the knowledge to deal with any type of roofing needs the client may have. We are able to assist with any style, size and colour scheme that the client may want installed, repaired and maintained. Our roofing experts have the necessary knowledge to give our clients the right advice and guidance to bring their needs and ideas to life.

Providing the construction, renovation and maintenance of pergola structures. If you are looking to extend your patio or just looking to build on to your garden and add a new entertainment area this is a great addition to add to your property. We are able to use our expertise, your given idea and space requirements and turn it into something that you wish you did sooner as it will bring a new atmosphere to your property. Our building contractors have built hundreds of different styled pergola structures to suit the clients needs and have the necessary knowledge and skills to build any custom pergola structure upon request. The building team and painting team also have all the necessary expertise to deal with any maintenance and repairs that our clients may need with their particular pergola structure.

Pergola Structures


We take care of all your flooring needs from repairs to maintenance and new installations. We provide any flooring of your choice from carpets to ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring and wooden flooring. The flooring contractors have all the necessary expertise and experience to deal with all types of flooring whether it be maintenance, repairs or a new installation. We are able to take the design, style, size and colour scheme specifications of the client at hand to provide them with a finished product that will meet their expectations and bring a new sense of life to the area or room they are looking to upgrade.

We provide any repairs, installations and maintenance of doors and windows. It is all dependent on the job at hand. We are able to cover all aspects to meet the client’s needs. Our glass and door team utilise their expertise to ensure that all jobs are performed to meet the clients need whether it is a new installation, maintenance or repairs on existing glass and aluminium doors and windows. We are able to provide a range of different styles, shapes and colour schemes of doors and windows to suit the clients.  

Glass and Aluminium Doors/Windows

Celling’s and partitions

We are able to provide repairs, installations and maintenance of ceilings and partitions. Our building contractors have all the necessary experience and expertise to attend to any client’s needs regarding ceilings and partitions. The building team have all the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with different types and styles of partitions and ceilings and are able to install any type of ceiling and partition to meet the needs of the client.

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