Inspired by Design.

Our aim at Inspired is to create something that is timeless and unique that the client can walk away with knowing that it is a one of a kind.  We look at bringing a natural look and feel to our creations whether it be a rustic or more sophisticated piece. We pride ourselves on being able to meet the clients needs and deliver a product that meets and exceeds their expectations time and time again.

Our staff have multiple years of experience in the field and understand the intricoes behind handling and managing wood as well as meshing or combining it with other materials. Only the highest level of quality raw materials is used and no corners are cut in terms of treatment and ointment used to give a high calibre product that is pristine in every possible way.

We focus on solid wood (slabs and pieces) as well as resin which gives the wood a nice polished look and is a great way to the give the end product that little x factor.

Live Edge

Is the use of a natural edge style of furniture where we as the designer incorporate the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. We are looking to deliver a piece that gives the wood the feel of being alive.

Our team are highly skilled and have carried out countless customised projects that have met and exceeded client expectations. We are able to go above and beyond by truly understanding the entirety of the clients needs when they give us the specs/details of what they want.

All inputs needed to get to the immaculate product at the end is due to the fact that all our inputs are of the highest quality from the manual labour to the skills, level of experience, source of raw materials as well as the machinery and procurement products used.

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We are able to create any type of furniture as long as we are given the details and specs of what it is that you would like to be made.

Our proficiency in wood work and carpentry gives us the ability to create what the mind perceives. We also have a catalogue of previous projects and items that we have built that can be used for inspiration for an idea of a customised piece.

We create furniture that is timeless and brings life to the space in which it is situated. The furniture is able to tick all the boxes from right aesthetics’ all the way through to comfort, touch and feel.

Interior Design & Office Fit Outs 

Altering the look, feel and atmosphere of the interior of your home, room or area within a building/property. Our interior team have a creative and innovative eye which has helped us to ensure that all our client’s ideas have been brought to life. Our interior decorators have all the expertise and knowledge when it comes to giving a particular look and feel across all three sectors; residential, commercial and industrial. We are confident in our ability to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations by taking all their considerations into account which are things such as style, colour scheme, feel and atmosphere. The interior team completed countless jobs for numerous clients in all three sectors (residential, commercial and industrial) and have always instilled quality in terms of the customer service as well as the materials that are used for the project at hand. The interior decorators ensure that all input materials such as paint, skirtings, wallpaper, paintings, plants and any other furniture that are utilised are of the highest quality and speak for the service as well as the brand image that that the company stands for. We can help provide assistance with any client whether it is their, home, office or shop. We provide a full turnkey solution for all.  All we need is the your style and budget specifications and any other extra things you may want included to give a  polished finished look that you envision, We provide full office fit outs for our clients in the commercial sector to take the hassle out of having to do it yourself. Our interior designers have a really good eye for delivering the look and feel that any client may be looking  for.  

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