Inspired by kids.

We decided to branch out and provide furniture that kids could also enjoy and look forward to use when their friends or family relatives come over for play dates. The furniture is also ideal for bigger events such as birthdays and planned events. We are able to provide a personalised service by delivering our clients with tailored and custom furniture that is built to their ideas and specs. We look forward to providing unique items that can be used to create unforgettable memories with friends and family that will never be forgotten. We ensure that all our materials are of the highest quality to ensure products that are durable, aesthetically pleasing and timeless. This also allows us to have full confidence that the product will not cause any allergic reactions to sensitive skin.

We give our clients the opportunity to have one of a kind piece or pieces that their kids can enjoy and love to use.

We have also designed a range of multi-functional baby furniture as we found that there was a need for furniture that can grow with your child. Our furniture items can transform into two or more different functions. All our furniture is CNC cut with the utmost precision. They are manufactured from MDF – sprayed with lead free, non-toxic paint. The items come in a range of pastel colours. You choose what best suits you. We have partnered with Snuggletime, all of our items come with Snuggletime mattresses and other products.

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