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“Everything has beauty in it, but not everyone sees it” 


Inspired by Design Concepts is an owner managed team. We are a small, yet dynamic company that comprises of interior designers, project managers and furniture specialists. Our contracting team comprises of ceiling and drywall experts, flooring specialists, expert painters, glass partition professionals, etc. We strive to give only of our best. Good service that is timeously managed. We believe that, with a good team behind us, anything is possible.


Inspired by Design

Our aim at Inspired is to create something that is timeless and unique that the client can walk away with knowing that it is a one of a kind.  We look at bringing a natural look and feel to our creations whether it be a rustic or more sophisticated piece.

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Inspired by Construction

Inspired by Construction is the division of the company that provides a service that captivates our clients and delivers high-end projects that exceed client expectations. We’re creative and not afraid to take a risk when it feels right. 

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65a Maria St, Fontainebleau, Randburg, 2032

082 722 1984


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Why Us

Skills & Experienced Workforce

We pride ourselves on having a skilled and experienced workforce that are all competent in their particular discipline to ensure that each client receive a quality service. This allows us to go above and beyond with all our projects and products.

Product & Service Guarantee

We ensure that we source the best materials and supplies to ensure that the products and projects are the best quality possible in order to meet and exceed client’s expectations.

Industry Experience

We have countless years of experience in the field and pride ourselves on being a creative and forward-thinking company when it comes to our production and construction projects. This helps to set us apart from our competitors as we always provide a high-end service time and time again because of all our experience in the industry.

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